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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

Our Approach

Are you finding that the activities you love doing are more difficult than they should be? 

Do you want to manage chronic pain from arthritis or another condition?

Is the stress in your life causing your blood pressure to rise and your energy go down?

I specialize in helping make movement easier and curb your pain.  This freedom will allow you to keep up with all the enjoyable activities in your busy life. Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy offers sessions customized to you.  YOU are in control.  You decide how time is spent in each session.  It could be therapeutic work on your ailments or a chance to relax and feel the stress smoothing away.

Our Services

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Guided imagery for some and guided meditation for others.  This is a massage for your mind that offers relaxation to the entire body without getting on the massage table.  Use this time to work towards positive habits, boost confidence or take a mental vacation. 

Virtual or downloadable sessions available on Service Detail page

MELT Method

The Melt Method is a self care technique that can be done daily at home to enhance the benefits of massage.  In one individual instructional session I can teach you a routine and provide you with tools and get you started on the next level of self care.  Contact me to learn more.


Want to relax?  Have some pain or stiffness you want to resolve?  All massage sessions are tailored to your goals and comfort.  The session length you choose will be the time on the table working on you.  

Listen to a short re-centering meditation for a sample of guided meditation work.

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Reach Out

Call 612-412-4814 or fill out the form to send an email to schedule a free 15 minutes consultation to discuss the best modality fit for you

Thank you for contacting Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy

Find Us

Office for scheduled appointments located at:

3450 N Lexington Ave  Suite 121

Shoreview, MN 55126

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