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Appointment Hours

Tuesdays 9 AM - 3 PM

Wednesdays 10 AM - 3 PM

Thursdays 9 AM - 3 PM

Saturdays  9 AM - 2 PM

  • First time clients receive a complimentary consultation to design custom sessions to fit their situation.

  • Telehealth ( virtual ) appointments are available for hypnosis, Melt Method, and self care plan creation.


Mountain Peak


Hypnosis is a customized guided meditation session to relax and refocus on your goals.  This is helpful in reducing stress and improving conditions affected by stress, turning uncertainty into joyful focus, motivation to achieve healthy goals, confidence, and much more.  It is a massage for the mind that leaves you on a clear path to what you want.

*Virtual Appointments Available

One Hour custom 1:1 Intro Session - $80

Download a mp3 for at home use - list below

Hand-and-Foot-Treatment-Kit (1).png

MELT Method

If you are dealing with some tension and pain that makes you wish you could get a mini massage daily, this is for you.  Learn techniques with these tools to mimic gentle massage you can do on your own time in your own home.  In just 10 minutes a day you can make significant changes to easier movement, better balance and better sleep.

*Virtual Appointments Available

One Hour Introduction Session including hand and foot ball kit, handouts - $50


Therapeutic Massage

Each session is customized to you and your individual goals.  Life happens and before each session we revisit goals around easier movement, stress management, and how to best support your body.  This puts you in control of what happens in your session.

30 Minutes - $47

60 Minutes - $85

90 Minutes - $115

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