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Cleaning Protocols

Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy continues to use all fresh linens with each client, cleans door handles and all surfaces between each client, and your therapist washes their hands before and after each session.  There are a few NEW additions to the protocol.  A HEPA air filter has been added to the office and your therapist will be wearing a mask.  Clients are requested to wear a mask with the exception of being face down on the massage table.


Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss and update any changes to your health, use the restroom, and get settled in.  


Sometimes appointments need to change or be moved so I ask that you are respectful of my time as well as yours.  If you need to reschedule please call Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy up to 24 hours before the appointment time.

No Show

If you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged the full amount for your session.  Please be respectful of your time and mine and call the moment you realize you will not make the appointment time.

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