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Massage and weight loss

There are many reasons why extra weight comes on and it can be so hard to get back off. It can be eating too much of the wrong foods, a side effect from a medication, even an allergy can cause you to hold extra weight. In this blog I want to highlight just one of the many reasons extra weight comes on, the role of the stress hormone cortisol, specifically in women post menopause.

Stress. It is part of the human experience to have stress and different levels of stress throughout the phases of our life. I want to draw attention to how our bodies respond to stress and how it changes as we grow into our 40s and beyond. As the childbearing years come to an end, the adrenal glands take over producing progesterone hormones. With the adrenal glands multi-tasking the production of more hormones of different types, the adrenal glands have to change production in the event of physical or emotional stress to produce cortisol to respond to the stress. This interrupts the production of other hormones and the imbalance of high cortisol causes weight gain among other issues. Knowing this information gives new purpose and meaning to stress management. Click the article link just below to read more detail on the shift of hormone production and ideas of ways to add to your stress management strategy.

Massage is a very helpful tool in managing stress and cortisol levels. It soothes the nervous system and opens circulation in the tissue where your hormones, nerves, and other systems travel through. Also, massage can help soothe those tired muscles from trying new exercises and activities. If you have had a massage before, think back to a time after a session when you felt so relaxed, centered, and/or refreshed. Your body was giving you information, telling you how massage can fit into your stress management strategy.

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