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The Melt Method - A Self Care Tool

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

We are spending more time social distancing at home and larger amounts of time from getting our usual self care from massage therapists and other practitioners. Because of this I want to introduce and discuss a self care tool anyone can use at home. In this blog I will be discussing what The Melt Method is, when and why it is effective, and how to get started.

The Melt Method is a set of techniques developed by personal trainer and massage therapist Sue Hitzmann. Sue Hitzmann saw a need for clients to manage pain between sessions and submerged herself in fascia research to find an answer. In result she developed techniques designed to self treat our fascia/connective tissue to increase circulation and reduce many different pain issues. The Melt Method is gentle enough for any age or physical ability and is effectively practiced in as little as 10 minutes per day.

What is fascia and why is it helpful to “treat” it? Fascia has been gaining attention the last few years and researchers are still discovering more about it each day but here are some basics. Fascia is the tissue that holds our skeletons, muscles, and organs in place. These sheets of fascia run from our skull down to our fingertips and toes. New research is highlighting that it is also a matrix of cells that form a fluid gel-like highway for systems of the body to send information, nutrients, and waste. This includes nerve impulses, hormones, lymph, and more. When areas of fascia become dry then information, nutrients, and waste can not get through. We then start to feel pain, stiffness, have trouble sleeping, and other signs. If we can hydrate the fascia again, we can start to eliminate these symptoms and help our body work more efficiently.

The techniques of The Melt Method mimic gentle massage. These techniques are done in a certain order to encourage fluid flow and minimize pain. People of any age or ability should begin with treatments on the hands and feet and these treatments can even be done sitting down! The Melt Method hand and foot kit includes soft rubber balls that are designed to engage just the fascia and not get too deep such as a tennis ball or golf ball might. The kit also includes a band to work on bunions and small and firmer balls for more specific work.

If you are interested in getting started, the tools can be purchased from Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy or from The Melt Method website. As a hand and foot instructor in the Melt Method I can offer an introduction session to get you started which would include the hand and foot kit. In these times of social distancing I can mail or deliver the hand and foot kit to you and instruct using video conferencing. Contact Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy by email or a phone call to set up a session. The hand and foot kit can also be purchased at this link . This bundle includes a DVD with instructions to learn the techniques from Sue Hitzmann.

The Melt Method is a self care tool that I personally use. I find it helpful to work on tension and stiffness in my tissue between my massage appointments, much like brushing my teeth between cleanings at the dentist. I look forward to discussing the Melt Method with you as it is a great option of self care at home during this time of social distancing!

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