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What to expect : paperwork for the 1st time client

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Maybe you have never had a massage and maybe you did but you didn’t fully enjoy your experience. Now you want to try massage for the first time or give it another try and you have questions. Answering some of these questions now will put your mind at ease so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of massage.

Paperwork might feel needless and intrusive but it can clarify our expectations. First of all it is beneficial for policies to be discussed beforehand to be clear on how to notify if you are unable to make your session appointment and also it creates a promise of professional behavior in session. At Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy we have a form that simply and quickly lists out these policies to be reviewed and acknowledged by the client to begin a professional therapist/client relationship.

Another important piece of paperwork includes questions about contact information, including your preferred method of getting reminders and follow-up communication. Rita Sandquist Massage Therapy also reviews whether you have had a professional massage before. If you have not, we will spend more time explaining the treatment room and what to expect in your session. If you have, we will want to hear what went well and if anything was uncomfortable and take that into consideration in a planning routine for your session time.

Finally, paperwork helps set healthy goals for your session(s) taking into consideration any medication, limits to feeling pressure, if you bruise easily, and other topics. This information is critical to customizing your sessions to produce results.

Taking the time to fill out paperwork creates a good start in communication between you and your therapist. It is worth your time to be aware of policies and find out what information your therapist should know to make your session customized to you. Once expectations are set, you can relax and enjoy your session.

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